Sunday, December 6, 2015


This list of some pioneers in New Netherland is much appreciated: Our known ancestors appearing on the list include Adam Brouwer, Roelof Martense Schenck, Cornelius Van Ness, Steven Van Voorhies/Voorhees, Cornelis Vanderveer, and Teunis Gysberts Bogart. Jan Sebring/Seuberinge appears to have been a brother to Willempie, who married Steven Van Voorhees. Ancestor Catherine Hansen Van Norstrand Van Voorhees may have been kin to Jacob Janse Van Nostrand; the Schleswig Holstein connection is interesting. Several of our Dutch kinfolk also appear among the congregation of the Flatbush Dutch Reformed Church: Many of the kin lived in Amersfoort (Flatlands).

Our ancestor Margaret Williamson McCreary had two lines of Van Dyke ancestry: Her paternal grandmother Maria Van Dyke Williamson; and Margaret’s ancestor Margareta Van Dyke Van Voorhees. One or more of the four Van Dyck guys on the pioneers list might offer some clues as to our further Van Dyke ancestry. Van Dyke DNA samples on file with Family Tree DNA are currently not public.

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