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Roelof Schenck’s second wife Annetje Pieterse Wyckoff (our ancestor) was the daughter of Pieter Claessen Wyckoff and Margrietje "Grietje" Cornelis Van Ness. Grietje (b. 1624-1625) was reportedly born at Vianen, which lies south of Utrecht city beyond the river Lek. I correspond with a descendant of Grietje’s brother Hendrick.

Grietje’s father was Cornelis Hendrickse Van Ness, who owned property at Scheperswyck, near Leksmond, Vianen. He reportedly continued to own this property even after migration to America in 1641. Cornelis’ wife was Mayken Hendrickse Van Den Burchgraeff. Her grandfather Adriaen Arnolde Van den Burchgraeff was born in 1540 in South Holland, so was a contemporary of General Pieter Schenck Van Nydeggen.

Cornelis Hendricksen Van Ness and his wife Maygen (several spelling are in various documents) appears in a document of July 31, 1625, at future Albany. This was the Dutch colony of Rensselaerswyck, up the Hudson River from New Amsterdam.

After the death of Cornelis’ first wife Mayeke Henricx Van Den Burchgraeff Van Ness, Cornelis drew up a document on March 21, 1664. This document named his several kids as recipients of their mother’s property: Including our Grietie Cornelis, wife of Pieter Claessen (Wyckoff) of New Amersfoort on Long Island. Cornelis indicated that he was about to re-marry. At that time, Cornelis was a member of the Council of Rensselaerswyck Colony. Cornelis was a farmer. He also co-owned a brewery with his son-in-law Jan Jansen Van Oothout (husband of Hendrickie Cornelis Van Ness).


  1. My daughter traced our ancestry back to this family tree the Van Ness. Anything else you may know?

  2. My daughter traced our ancestry back to this family tree the Van Ness. Anything else you may know?

  3. Here is some information on Cornelius Hendrickse Van Ness (b. 1600): If you have access to, my tree:
    In the AncestryDNA database, I have an autosomal DNA match to a lady who shares this ancestor. I recommend DNA testing at Family Tree DNA or AncestryDNA.

  4. I was glad to stumble upon your blog today! I followed your lead to the hickman tree and found he had been in contact with Teus Burggraaf, with whom I am also an email correspondent. Teus has a very extensive tree at which is mostly useful for the Burchgraeff line (Mayke Hendricksdr being the wife of Cornelis Hendricksz van Nes). But he has also confirmed my research into the Van Ness line, which is NOT, as we have read in recent online research, from the island of Nes in Friesland, but for many generations from the area near where Mayke's family lived, namely Heusden, Noordeloos, Lexmond, etc. I travelled there in 2010 and visited these places along with Vianen, where the couple married and lived on the Havendijk (which was a location along the dike in the north part of Vianen). The van Nes family had a string of government officials in Noordeloos and later in Lexmond. An old map of the area that Teus sent me shows "de Nes" being the area to the west of Lexmond. He explained that "nes" simply meant a headland, and that also the "nes" which is on the island of Amerland in the Frisians is from a different root entirely, something to do with the type of sheep there. Teus also doesn't think Peter Claessen Wyckoff is from the Frisian islands either, but possibly from Wyck in Maastricht. I have tried to be as accurate as I can in my tree on Ancestry (hard to do juggling myriad families...) but I hope you'll take a look sometime and see if our records agree. My tree is called "slopoet"
    Sharon Olson

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