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My autosomal DNA has now been tested in 2 labs. One of the labs provides the crucial chromosome data, but the other does not. Data from all major labs may be quickly & easily sent for utilization of a wealth of investigative tools, including the vital chromosome location analyses. Click at the sending lab to create zip files, & click at GEDmatch to load. Done in minutes. My Cousin Aaron is my Dutch cousin via paper trail, but is my atDNA cousin via joint Swedish ancestry. To ignore the chromosome data is to risk erroneous conclusions.  

I now have a sizable number of atDNA matches in 2 databases where the common ancestries are Dutch &/or French Huguenot, & where the Most Recent Common Ancestors (MRCAs) reach back to the 1600s. For the MRCAs David Demarest Sr. (b. abt. 1620, France) & Marie Sohier: Cousins Rohn, Barbara, & John F. My atDNA match with John F. is on Chromosome 9. I descend from Jean Demarest (b. 1645), son of David & Marie. Jean’s brother Samuel is the ancestor of Barbara. Jean’s brother David Jr. (b. 1651, Zeeland) is the ancestor of Rohn & John F.  David Jr. was also the ancestor of Rev. David D. Demarest, author of the 1885 paper “The Huguenots on the Hackensack”.
Jean Demarest (b. 1645) & Jacquemine DeRuine were the MRCAs for me versus the Chromosome 9 Tuschmann-Novak group, who also jointly match John F. on Chromo 9. I descend from Leah Demarest Brouwer, daughter of Jean & Jacquemine. My atDNA matches at this generational level descend from Leah’s brother Peter.

My ancestors Leah Demarest (b. 1682, Hackensack N.J.) & Abraham Pieterse Brower were the MRCAs for me versus R. D. (admin. By slh1441 at AncestryDNA). My ancestor Daniel A. Brouwer/Brewer Sr. (b. 1719) was a son of Leah & Abraham. Daniel’s sister Rachel Brouwer Banta was the ancestor of Cousin R.D.

My ancestors Daniel A. Brouwer/Brewer Sr. (b. 1719) & Maritje Koning were the MRCAs for me versus lallen76317. My ancestor was Daniel Brewer Jr. (b. 1768). Daniel’s sister Rachel Brewer Comingore was the ancestor of Cousin L. Allen.

My ancestor Daniel Brewer Jr. (b. 1768) married Maria/Mary Voorhees. Although I do not have the atDNA data, Daniel & Mary were the paper-trail MRCAs for me versus the Brewer-surnamed man whose yDNA Kit # 55150 is Haplogroup E1b1b1 in a group of descendants of Pieter Adamsz Brouwer (b. 1646; d. 1700 Hackensack). My ancestor Christina “Tina” Brewer (b. 1798) was a daughter of Daniel & Mary. Tina’s brother Daniel III (b. 1805) & wife Eleanor McVay were the ancestors of Mr. Brewer of yDNA Kit # 55150.

My ancestor Christina “Tina” Brewer (b. 1798, Mercer County, Kentucky) married Johannes/John Williamson (b. 1790, Dutch Conewago Colony, Pennsylvania). Tina & John were the MRCAs for me versus Cousin Lowell B. My second great-grandmother Margaret Williamson McCreary (b. 1835) was a daughter of Tina & John. Margaret’s Sister Jane Williamson Moore was the ancestor of Lowell.

The total shared chromosomes for Lowell & me represent the entirety of my Dutch plus Huguenot ancestries. Chromosome 9 Demarest, & others. Quite literally, this would be the atDNA master-key to all of these ancestries which still have detectible genetic traces.  There could be shared chromosomal segments representing these ancestries, in addition to Demarest, Brouwer/Brewer, & Koning: Van Dyke (2 ways), Van Voorhees, & Williamson/Willemse.  There are some hints that I might have Van Dyke traces. Progress on the Willemse line would be welcome, as knowledge on this ancestry is limited. For those with access to, my Dutch & Huguenot ancestries appear at

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