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In the Demarest yDNA Project, Haplogroup J1, at there are 2 kits from descendants of David Demarest (b. 1620, Picardy): 351905 & 284329. These were tested out to 111 STR (Short Tandem Repeats) markers, thus a high resolution test. The match between the 2 kits is 108 of 111. One of the kits further tested SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) markers out to BY163094. Currently, this Terminal-SNP is 9 markers “downstream” (later mutating) from P58 (Levant & Arabia). See under P58.

Regarding the legendary descent of our David Demarest (b. 1620) from Baldwin I des Marets (1074-1140): Was there a Levantine Non-Paternity Event down the Demarest line during the Crusades?  David’s Haplogroup J1 findings are Levantine, not European.



Going back to the Demarest yDNA Project, we see that the same Demarest Terminal-SNP BY163094 also applies to 2 Ellsworth descendants, who are close STR matches with the Demarest guys. The Ellsworth guys also sent their data to the J-Levites yDNA Project at which is meant for Haplogroup J men with an oral tradition of Levite ancestry.

On autosomal DNA: My several Chromosome 9 matches with Demarest Ancestry continue to serve as reference points for this ancestry. E.g., my 7th great-grandfather Jean Demarest (b. 1645; m. Jacquemine DeRuine) was the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) for myself versus the Novak group at Family Tree DNA. 22.38 centiMorgans shared on Chromo 9. A small part of this shared segment is also shared by a Fisher guy, with whom my MRCA is one more generation removed: David Demarest (b. 1620; m. Marie Sohier).

My 6th great-grandmother Leah Jansen Demarest (b. 1682, Hackensack) married Abraham Pieterse Brouwer (yDNA Haplogroup E) on March 29, 1700, Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey. Leah’s Grandpa David’s place: I think that Samuel Demarest mentioned here was Leah’s uncle, & an ancestor of more of my atDNA matches.

“The French element was so speedily absorbed by the surrounding Dutch, that not a few of the numerous descendants of the Huguenot pioneers, from whom the farms they occupy have come down in unbroken descent through seven or eight generations, verily believe that they are of pure Holland stock, and the story of their French origin is to them a new revelation”.  From “The Huguenots on the Hackensack”, by David D. Demarest, 1886. This David was a 6th cousin of my Great-grandmother Emma Jane McCreary Muffley. The Demarest land between the Hackensack & Hudson rivers was purchased from Mendawasey, Sachem of the Tappan Indians, 1677.

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